Osteopathy is a holistic and dexterous therapy specialising in musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, to ensure that all components of the body are functioning harmoniously. Osteopaths endeavour to restore movement within the body as so to minimise or alleviate pain.

Most people visit an osteopath if they are experiencing conditions affecting the muscles such as lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder and elbow pain, sports injuries and other muscle/joint pain associated with work or pregnancy. Relieving pain and discomfort can improve general body function and mobility, increase energy levels, reduce stress and muscle tension, have a positive impact on mood, sleep and mental health, ultimately providing a greater improvement to overall health and wellbeing.

At North Western Osteopathic Clinic, we all work together to prevent recurring health issues and providing our patients with long-term solutions. Alongside osteopathy, our clinic also offers dry needling, remedial massage, podiatry and counselling, to provide you with guidance on how to attain the best version of yourself.